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Tamanawas Falls Trail | Best Waterfalls Near Portland - Oregon

Tamanawas Falls in Mt Hood, Oregon, is one of the best waterfall trails in Oregon. It takes visitors to an incredible basalt cliff featuring the gorgeous 110-ft tall Tamanawas Falls.

The trail starts around .25 miles from the Sherwood Campground, a scenic overnight spot for visitors to this area of the Pacific Northwest.

Did you know? You can even go snowshoeing at Tamanawas Falls in the winter!

Tamanawas Falls

Tamanawas Falls Trailhead

The Tamanawas Falls East Fork trailhead is located at 45.431991459271444, -121.57523477758993. Please copy and paste them into the GPS app of your choice to find the Tamanawas Falls trailhead in Mt Hood, Oregon.

You can also follow the map below:

Directions to Tamanawas Falls Trailhead

Did you know? Tamanawas Falls is pronounced: Ta-MAH-naas Falls

Tamanawas Falls Trail Photo Gallery

Tamanawas Falls East Fork Trail

The Tamanawas Falls East Fork Trail is the perfect out-and-back hike for anyone hoping to enjoy this beautiful waterfall in an idyllic setting in both winter and summer.

Elevation Gain


Time Required


580 ft


1.5 hours


The hike takes visitors 1.7 miles out from the parking lot and 1.7 miles back. You'll cross a well-maintained bridge, hopefully see beautiful wildflowers, and navigate a few sections where snow and wet rocks are possible. This is far more likely in the winter when the trail is popular for snowshoeing.

There are only a few spots along this trail where you might need to watch your balance or keep an extra eye on young hikers. But, all in all, this is the perfect family day trip. The turnaround at the waterfall is an ideal spot to take a break, have a snack, and enjoy the view!

Tamanawas Falls in Winter
Tamanawas Falls in winter

What to Expect at Tamanawas Falls

  • Permit for Tamamawas Falls: Northwest Forest Pass or $5-day pass is required

  • Bathrooms: One at the East Fork trailhead

  • Trail Conditions: Well-maintained with a few muddy spots. Elevation gain is suitable for all hikers. There may be some snow in the winter.

  • Parking: Directly off the highway, usually enough spots for all cars

  • Trail Type: Out-and-back

  • Tamanawas Falls Snowshoe: In the winter, be prepared for ice on the trail, especially on rocks near the falls, falling ice near Tamanawas Falls, and freezing cold water temperatures.

Tamanawas Falls Trailhead Weather

You can visit Tamanwas Falls in the winter, spring, summer, and fall!

  • Summer Temperatures: Highs can reach the 80s and lows in the 50s.

  • Winter Temperatures: Highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s.

The hike is accessible with snowshoes or a great deal of determination in the winter (hikers should be aware that the hike is more dangerous with snow on the ground. Ice is always possible).

We recommend saving this beautiful 3.4-mile hike for spring, fall or summer when the snow is gone, and you can focus on the waterfall and the classic Pacific Northwest trail.

Tamanawas Falls Snowshoeing

While most people choose to visit Tamanawas Falls in the summer or fall, it's also very popular in the winter for snowshoeing.

Tamanawas Falls in the Snow
Tamanawas Falls in the winter is even more beautiful than in summer

The Tamanawas Falls snowshoe trail starts at the same trailhead and follows the same path. The trail is still around 3.5 miles long and gains about 500 feet in elevation.

Be careful as you near the falls though, as the low temps make Tamanawas Falls extremely cold.

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How far is Dalles, Oregon, from the Tamanawas Falls trailhead?

Dalles, Oregon, is 1 hr and 10 mins from the Tamanawas Falls trailhead.

How far is Hood River from the Tamanawas Falls trailhead?

Hood River is 51 mins from the Tamanawas Falls trailhead.

How far is Bend, Oregon, from the Tamanawas Falls trailhead?

Bend, Oregon, is 2 hrs and 24 mins from the Tamanawas Falls trailhead.

Is the Tamanawas Falls trail easy?

The Tamanawas Falls Trail is considered an easy-to-moderate hike. It gains around 550 ft of elevation in 1.7 miles. For some hikers, this may prove difficult, but for others, it will not be an obstacle.

How long of a hike is Tamanawas Falls?

Tamanawas Falls is a 3.4-mile hike. Hikers travel out 1.7 miles and then turn around, returning the same 1.7 miles.

Do you need a pass for Tamanawas Falls?

Yes, you need a Northwest Forest Pass to park at the Tamanawas Falls trailhead. Or, you can buy a $ 5-day pass. The yearly passes cost $30 and can be found online or in many in-person retailers.

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