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Dirty Face Peak and Lookout Trail | Washington

Dirty Face Peak is located along the shores of Lake Wenatchee State Park. Dirtyface Lookout is situated in the Wenatchee National Forest near Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth. It offers panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains and the nearby Lake Wenatchee.

The lookout site is the remnants of an old fire lookout tower that was used for spotting wildfires.

Dirty Face Peak and Lookout

Hiking Dirty Face Peak

To hike Dirty Face Peak, you'll climb around 4,000 feet over the course of 4.5 miles to the Lookout before descending the other 4.5 miles to the trailhead. At the top, you'll have phenomenal views down to Lake Wenatchee and the North Cascades mountains.


Elevation Gain


Time Required

9 miles



6 hours+

The trail is pretty simple at first, winding gently through the woods (although mosquitos might pose an issue in the summer!).

Dirty Face Trail
The steep trail to the summit of Dirty Face Peak

The woods are pretty dense and beautiful here, and after a couple of switchbacks you'll start through a steeper, looser uphill section before passing by a beautiful waterfall. The vast majority of the trail is exposed, so we'd highly recommend bringing some sunscreen and a good hat.

There is a long, surprisingly flat section toward the middle of the trail, something that most hikers are going to enjoy! After a couple of long switchbacks, you'll start the hardest part of the trail.

Stream along the trail
The beautiful stream along the trail

The last section takes you nearly straight uphill for 1 mile+ before getting to the summit of the mountain and the location of the old fire lookout. Make sure you save some energy for this part, as it is by far the hardest section.

Dirty Face Lookout

Dirty Face Look is a decommissioned, disassembled lookout, the remnants of which you are still there. At the trailhead, there is a bit of information about the lookout, but unfortunately, you won't get a look at it in person as all that remains are some concrete blocks.

To Do Nearby

If you're in the area for more than this hike, we highly recommend checking out:

Lake Wenatchee State Park in Washington State is a beautiful glacial lake that's a popular destination for hiking, swimming, paddling, and more.

Lake Wenatchee State Park
Lake Wenatchee State Park

The lake is located around 25 minutes from Leavenworth and is a perfect summer escape from the heat in surrounding cities and towns.

The 2.4-mile Tumwater Pipeline Trail is a lovely way to see the Wenatchee River along a mostly flat river-side trail. It's suitable for hikers of all ages and is rated as easy! It's also only a few minutes from Leavenworth.

View along the Tumwater Pipeline Trail
View along the Tumwater Pipeline Trail

Washington's Lincoln Rock State Park is a unique area on the Columbia River's Lake Entiat. The park is named for the rocky outcropping but includes 86 acres opposite the cliff.

View from Lincoln Rock State Park
View from Lincoln Rock State Park

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