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Visitor's Guide to Lincoln Rock State Park

Washington's Lincoln Rock State Park is a unique area on the Columbia River's Lake Entiat. The park is named for the rocky outcropping but includes 86 acres opposite the cliff.

Lincoln Rock State Park is only 20 minutes from Wenatchee, Washington, and is a popular site for hiking, swimming, fishing, and camping. Visitors can also ride bikes, go boating, and explore the surroundings.

The park is best known for its large cliffside that resembles President Abraham Lincoln (we'll leave the veracity of that resemblance up to you), which gave the park its name.

Where is Lincoln Rock State Park?

Lincoln Rock State Park is on the east side of Lake Entiat along the Columbia River. It's between Chelan County and Douglas County in North Central Washington and one mile upstream from the Rocky Reach Dam.

What You Need to Know

Here are a few important "need to know" facts about Lincoln Rock State Park:

  • A Discover Pass is required to park in Lincoln Rock State Park.

  • There is camping within the park.

  • The park is on the Columbia River.

  • It is named after a rock that explorers thought looked like Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln Rock Face
Can you see Lincoln's face?

Lincoln Rock State Park Weather

  • In the summer, Lincoln Rock State Park reaches average highs of around 85 degrees and lows in the 60s.

  • In the winter, the park only gets into the mid-40s as a high and consistently drops down into the mid-20s.

Lake Entiat and the Rocky Reach Dam
A summer day at Lake Entiat and the Rocky Reach Dam

What is the Best Time to Visit Lincoln Rock State Park?

The best time to visit is in the summer if you want to swim or boat and fall if you're more interested in hiking and playing sports. The park is busiest in the summer and visitors tend to taper off in the fall. So, if you're looking for a more secluded visit, fall might be a better choice.

Columbia River near Lincoln Rock State Park
Columbia River near Lincoln Rock State Park

Things to Do Near Lincoln Rock State Park

Here are a few of the most popular activities near Lincoln Rock State Park:

The Rocky Reach Trail is a 10.9-mile paved trail that gains little elevation as it runs along the east shore of the Columbia River. It starts at the main parking area and runs south towards the US 2-97 bridge across the river.

Fish in Lake Entiat

Lake Entiat is 8,828 acres and was formed by the construction of a hydroelectric dam, the Rocky Reach, along the Columbia River. The lake, also known as Rocky Reach Reservoir, is 17 miles (or 21 kilometers) north of Wenatchee.

You can swim and fish in the lake throughout the summer. Some of the fish species you might find there include:

  • Bridgelip sucker

  • Bull trout

  • Chinook salmon

  • Coho salmon

  • Common carp

Did you know? Lake Entiat is at an elevatin of 711 feet.

Bike and Hike within the Park

If you want to stay within the park's boundaries, there are two miles of biking and hiking trails to explore. You might also choose to explore a few miles of the Rocky Reach Trail.

Boat and Swim

The park includes 632 feet of dock and allows personal watercraft use, swimming, and waterskiing.

One of a few docks in the state park
One of a few docks in the state park

Some other activities at Lincoln Rock State Park include grilling, playing basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, horseshoes, going geocaching, exploring the park store, the playground, and bird watching.

Check out Traverse the Pacific Northwest's guide to What to Do Near Lincoln Rock State Park for a more in-depth list!

Stone sign
The best viewpoint to see the Lincoln Rock face!

Lincoln Rock State Park Campsites

Lincoln Rock State Park has 27 standard tent sites, 35 partial RV hookups, and 32 full RV hookups. It also has 4 small cabins and 8 larger "deluxe" cabins.


  • 5 restrooms

  • 14 showers

  • Irrigated lawns

  • 1 dump site

Tent and RV camping at the park

The park has an on-site store near the tent camping area!

Lincoln Rock State Park Cabins

The cabins at Lincoln Rock State park provide visitors with beautiful views of the Columbia River Gorge. Each has two rooms and a large, covered porch. In the standard, smaller cabins, you can find:

  • Queen-sized futon

  • Bunk bed for three

  • Dining table and chairs

  • Heater

  • Air conditioner, and more.

Outside there is a picnic table and a fire pit.

One of the cabins for rent at Lincoln Rock State Park
One of the cabins for rent at Lincoln Rock State Park

The larger, deluxe cabins have more amenities. They include a larger table and chairs, a kitchenette, mini-fridge, counter space, a bathroom, and a shower. There is also hot water, a ceiling fan, and a BBQ. Reserve a cabin at Lincoln Rock State Park.

Read everything you need to know about Lincoln Rock State Park Campground.

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