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Hiking the Rocky Reach Trail | Lincoln Rock State Park - Washington

The Rocky Reach Trail in Lincoln Rock State Park is a beautiful, easy, paved trail along Lake Entiat and the Columbia River.

The Rocky Reach Trail is an easy, paved, out-and-back trail. It starts at Lincoln Rock State Park and follows the river. You can also choose to start at the other side of the path and walk towards Lincoln Rock State Park.

This easy, family friendly trail is close to Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. Other popular trails in the area include:

What You Need to Know

Here's what you need to know about the Rocky Reach Trail:

  • A Discover Pass is required.

  • The trail is family-friendly.

  • Dogs are allowed on the trail.

  • The entire trail is paved.

Rocky Reach Trail Parking

The best place to park for the Rocky Reach trail is in Lincoln Rock State Park. The trail starts from the main parking lot and heads back along the river. A Discover Pass is required. They are $10 a day or $30 for the year.

Make sure to check out Traverse the Pacific Northwest's Guide to Lincoln Rock State Park for everything you need to know before your visit.

Did you know? The Rocky Reach Trail is named after the dam that created Lake Entiat.
The Columbia River near the Rocky Reach Trail
The Columbia River near the Rocky Reach Trail

Rocky Reach Trail

The Rocky Reach Dam trail is long, but it's almost completely flat the whole way. The trail is also paved, making it suitable for hikers of all ages! It is an out-and-back trail, meaning you can turn around any time and start back to the trailhead. You certainly don't have to complete the entire 10.8 miles if you don't want to!


Elevation Gain

Time Required



300 feet

3.5 hours


The hike begins at the Lincoln Rock State Park parking area. A Discover Pass is required to park at any state park in Washington!

The trail heads south, along the river, towards the highway bridge over the Columbia River (you may have crossed it on the way to the park if you came from or through Wenatchee).

As you walk, the trail maintains a straight, easy-to-follow path and provides views of the Rocky Reach Dam. It's great for families and for easy biking. You should expect to see crowds here on any weekend, particularly in the summer.

There is camping in the park too if you want to spend more time exploring the banks of the Columbia River.

Read about it in Traverse the Pacific Northwest's guide to Lincoln Rock State Park Campground.

Tips for Hiking the Rocky Reach Trail

Here are a few tips for making the most out of your trip to the Rocky Reach Trail:

  • Go early! Avoid the crowds and start before 9:00 am.

  • Start from the other side. If you really want to avoid the crowds at Lincoln Rock State Park, or maybe you just don’t want to drive all the way there, you can start the hike on the other end of the trail. Turn around halfway and head back to your parking spot.


How long is the Apple Capital Loop Trail?

The Apple Capital Loop Trail is just over 10 miles long. It's another popular, easy trail along the Columbia River that some choose to link with the Rocky Reach Trail.

What time does Rocky Reach Dam open?

If you want to visit the Rocky Reach Dam, it is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM year-round.

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