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Top Sights in Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park in Sublimity, Oregon contains 9,000 acres of wilderness, 24 miles of hiking trails, and 10 beautiful waterfalls. We'll explore some of the top sights in Silver Falls State Park below!

1. South Falls

An impressive waterfall at the heart of Silver Falls State Park.

South Falls at Silver Falls State Park
South Falls at Silver Falls State Park

South Falls is the why you're here! It's the most impressive of the ten waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park at 117 feet tall. It cascades off a basalt shelf with a nearby viewing platform underneath the falls and another at the top of the waterfall. Plus, it is one of four waterfalls in the park you can walk behind.

Luckily, its an easy hike into the waterfall from the South Falls Day Use Area and should only take you around an hour.

Make sure to check out our Complete Guide to the South Falls hike!

2. Trail of Ten Waterfalls

An ideal hike during the rainy winter season or on a clearer spring day. Along this trail you'll see 10 gorgeous waterfalls.

Waterfall at Silver Falls State Park
On the Trail of Ten Waterfalls you'll be treated to 10 incredible cascades!

This 7.2-mile loop passes through, behind, and around the 10 main waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park. It gains around 1,000 feet in elevation and includes sections of paved and unpaved trail. It'll take around 3.5 hours to complete depending on how fast you walk!

Pro tip: Dogs aren't allowed on the trail!

3. 24 Miles of Hiking Trails

If the last two trails weren't enough for you, there are over 24 miles of trails spread out around Silver Falls State Park.

Silver Falls State Park Trail
One of the many beautiful spots along Silver Falls State Park's 24 miles of trails.

Some, like the South Falls trail, are always likely to be busy! But others like the Silver Falls Campground Nature Loop and the Buck Mountain Trail are usually less crowded.

4. South Falls Historic District

No visit to Silver Falls State Park is complete without spending time in the South Falls Historic District!

Within this unique area of the state park you can visit the stone Community Kitchen, built between 1936 and 1937 and the Nature Store. Also on site is the South Falls Lodge, compelted in 1940. It's a charming part of the park that's well-worth the short time it'll take you to explore it.


Which falls can you walk behind at Silver Falls State Park?

At Silver Falls State Park you can walk behind the Lower South Falls, South Falls, North, and Middle North Falls.

How many waterfalls are in Silver Falls State Park?

There are ten main waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park! South Falls is the best-known one, and the tallest. But, others like Lower South and Middle North are also very beautiful!

Can you go swimming at Silver Falls?

You can't swim at any of the waterfalls in the park. But, the nearby river does serve as a great swimming area.

How long of a hike is Silver Falls?

If you want to see all 10 waterfalls it's around a 7-mile hike. Along the trail, you'll gain 1,000 feet in elevation.

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