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Lemolo Falls Trail | Guide and Photos | Oregon Waterfall

Lemolo Falls is a really beautiful fall and the tallest waterfall along the North Umpqua River in Oregon and is a popular hiking destination. It drops a total of 165 feet from the top into a large, open pool.

Lemolo Falls is a horsetail falls formed by the North Umpqua River. The river breaks over a basalt cliff and drops over 150 feet to a pool. It's very loud and obvious as you get closer to it down the trail.

The falls are incredibly consistent due to Lemolo Lake Dam, just a few miles up the river. Throughout the year, a fixed amount of water is allowed to come over the falls at any one time. At its peak, the waterfall can be 60 feet wide, a truly impressive and thundering sight to behold. But, it does decrease throughout the year.

Did You Know? There are more than 230 waterfalls in Oregon.

Need to Know

Permit/Passes/Fees: there are no fees or permits required for hiking the trail or parking at the trailhead.

Dogs Allowed? Yes, dogs are allowed on this trail.

Open Year Round? Yes! You can hike this trail any time of year.

Where is Lemolo Falls?

Lemolo Falls is in Umpqua National Forest, near Diamond Lake and Lemolo Lake. If you want to visit the falls from this area, take Highway 138 towards Lemolo Lake and then Road 2160 for 4.5 miles to Thorn Porarie Road.

Lemolo Falls Pool
Lemolo Falls cascades 165 feet to a pool

From here, follow 3401 for .5 of a mile till you reach a small sign that reads "800." There will also be signs pointing towards Lemolo Falls.

This directs you for 1.75 miles down to road # 3401-840 (which is signed as 840) and also has a sign for the falls. Drive for another .25 miles until you see the sign for the Lemolo Falls Trail #1468.

The Vast Lemolo Falls
Lemolo Falls is incredibly loud and well-worth the hike in

You can also hike to the falls by driving to Lemolo Lake Road-Birds Pt Road (also marked as NF-2610) and taking it to the intersection with N Umpqua Road, which is also marked as NF-600.

Keep reading to hear more about hiking the Lemolo Falls Trail!

Did you know? The word "lemolo" means "wild" in Chinook.

Lemolo Falls Directions

To get to Lemolo Falls, follow these directions:

Lemolo Falls Hike

There are two different trails you can use to access Lemolo Falls. One trail starts from Lemolo Lake Road-Birds Pt Road, and another starts from Forest Road 3401 and then onto Forest Road 800.

The trail is easy no matter which way you choose. The start from Lemolo Lake Road-Birds Pt Road is the more popular path to take and the one we chose to hike!


Elevation Gain

Time Required




2 hours


The hike starts at the north end of Lemolo Lake and takes you past several other waterfalls that are partially visible from the trail. You'll also be able to see the river pretty much the whole way. But, while beautiful, this does mean that the mosquitos are pretty serious.

Lemolo Falls Trailhead Sign
Lemolo Falls trailhead sign

Although rare in peak season, there may be some downed trees along the way too. But, these are easily navigated. Some people choose to hike this trail in late spring in order to enjoy some really beautiful wildflowers as well.

If you want to see the falls from the top, you'll want to hike the other trail from NF-800.

The Beautiful Lemolo Falls
The beautiful Lemolo Falls is controlled by the Lemolo Lake Dam

Lemolo Falls Camping

There are a few different camping areas within 10 minutes of Lemolo Falls.

Bunker Hill Campground

Lemolo Falls at a Distance
Lemolo Falls from the trail

A small campground on the northeast side of Lemolo Lake that's accessed via Forest Raod 2612. It's right on the side of the lake and is heavily wooded. If you're lucky, you might see bald eagles flying overhead as well! Nearby you can enjoy boating, kayaking, waterskiing, and more.

Lemolo Lake / Crater Lake RV Park

A very peaceful site on the north end of Lemolo Lake and only a few minutes from the Lemolo Falls trailhead. The camping area features RV sites and small cabins for rent. There are also tent sites and open areas to enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Poole Creek Campground

The small Poole Creek Campground is in the forest at the northwest end of Lemolo Lake. It has 60 sites, all of which are reservation only. Make sure to make your reservations two days before your arrival, or you won't be able to stay there.

You might also want to check out all the incredible camping you can access near Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

To Do Near Lemolo Falls

Near Lemolo Falls, there are a few other activities that you might want to explore. There's something for anyone! From skiing to swimming to paddling and mountain climbing. Southern and Central Oregon is an incredible place with many striking and surprising landscapes.

Visit Central Oregon Lakes

Only a few minutes from the two trailheads for Lemolo Falls are:

  • Lemolo Lake

  • Crescent Lake

  • Odell Lake

  • Diamond Lake

  • Waldo Lake

Hike a Mountain Peak

Nearby, you can venture to several central Oregon mountains including:

  • Mt. Thielsen

  • Mt. Bailey

  • Mt. Scott

Ski, Snowboard, and Other Winter Sports

Near the waterfall, there are a number of options for winter sports. This includes at Mt. Bachelor, Cat Ski Mt. Bailey, Hoodoo Ski Area, Mt. Ashland Ski Area, Warner Canyon Ski Area, Willamette Pass Resort,

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