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Lucia Falls Regional Park and 15-Foot Lucia Falls

Lucia Falls is a lovely Washington park that includes a picnic area and is right next to the beautiful Lewis River. The park is known to boast great views if you want to steelhead trout jumping up the falls.

Lucia Falls Regional Park

The park is relatively small but is a good place to spend some time if you're hoping to enjoy a lovely summer day or are looking for a place to picnic.

Getting to Lucia Falls

Lucia Falls Regional Park is located in Yacolt, Washington on 21803 NE Lucia Falls Road. Use the map below to get directions to the park:

Lewis River
Lucia Falls is on the Lewis River.

Facilities at Lucia Falls Regional Park

At the park, you can expect to find a large parking area with enough room for nearly 50 cars, a barbecue grill, picnic tables, and a restroom.

Lower Lewis River
A lovely view of the lower Lewis River.

It's important to note that water access is not allowed at Lucia Falls Reigonal Park. It's a protected area for fish spawning.

The park is open from 7:00 A.M. to dusk.

Lucia Falls

Lucia Falls, WA is one of the reasons that visitors might find themselves at the regional park. It's a Pacific Northwest waterfall that's accessed via a short hike (read more below) that's idea if you only have limited time in the area.

Lucia Falls
Most people visit Lucia Falls Regional Park to see Lucia Falls

Often, hikers choose to combine visitors to Lucia Falls with the nearby Moulton Falls and Yacolt Falls. You can hike along a 2.5-mile trail to reach Moulton Falls Regional Park if you're interested.

Lucia Falls is only 15 feet tall but the rushing water and scenic surrounding landscape make the regional park a great place for a picnic.

Yacolt Falls
The nearby Yacolt Falls.

Lucia Falls Loop Hike

To hike the Lucia Falls Loop, you'll need to start at the Lucia Falls Trailhead and take the trail from the parking lot and down a paved path. Take a left at the first junction and then on your right, you'll see the falls and an information sign.

If you want to hike further and complete the whole loop, you can keep left and then take another left when you get to the restrooms. The path goes through the woods below the falls. It's here you can take the Hantwick Road Trailhead to Moulton Falls.

Moulton Falls
The nearby, popular Moulton Falls

Camping Near Lucia Falls Regional Park

There is no camping in Lucia Falls Regional Park, but there are a few options nearby.

  • Canyon Creek Campground - A small, secluded campground northeast of Lucia Falls.

  • Battle Ground Lake State Park - a state park campground set on 280 acres of beautiful wilderness.

  • Cresap Bay Campground - a popular area on the Lewis River that includes options for tent and RV camping.

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