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Yacolt Falls Hike | The Best Washington Waterfalls - Trail Details

Yalcot Falls is accessed via a short, easy hike from the Moulton Falls Trailhead. It's a relatively small waterfall with two drops.

Yacolt Falls is usually combined with Moulton Falls as a day trip that requires little hiking but has a great payoff.

If you love waterfalls, the Pacific Northwest is the place for you. Washington, Oregon, and Northern California have some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Most of the best-known are easily accessible or even visible from the road. Yacolt Falls, for instance, only requires a 0.6-mile hike to view it.

Nearby, you can also explore Lucia Falls Regional Park and the 15-foot Lucia Falls.

About Yacolt Falls

Yacolt Falls is not the tallest waterfall in Washington, but, it's well worth the small amount of effort it takes to see it. The waterfall is a total of 34 feet tall, with its tallest drop plummeting 25 feet. There are two drops total, both of which have an average width of 25 feet. It's part of Yacolt Creek.

Moulton Falls River
Moulton Falls River

Getting to Yacolt Falls

The starting point for the hike to Yalcot Falls is at the Moulton Falls Trailhead. There, you're also going to be able to see Moulton Falls. Use the map below to navigate to the start of the trail:

Hiking to Yacolt Falls

The hike to Yacolt Falls is a pretty easy day out that will require around 100 feet of elevation gain and 0.6 miles round trip. This makes it suitable for most members of the family.

At the trailhead, you'll find parking, restrooms, and picnic tables. Dogs are allowed but only on a leash.

You can also bring your dog to Dog Creek Falls in the Columbia River Gorge!

Yacolt Falls
The gorgeous Yacolt Falls

The trail starts by heading east along the highway and crossing the road before a footbridge. From here, you'll head along the west side of Big Tree Creek. There are many spots in this area to picnic and enjoy the day.

You'll soon find yourself on a rocky edge that looks over Yacolt Falls. There are steps and cables that protect the viewing area.

Yacolt Waterfall
Another view of Yacolt Waterfall

Depending on your plans for the day, you might choose to walk down to the lower trailhead where you'll find parking for Moulton Falls. It takes less than five minutes along that portion of the trail to see the other waterfall.

Moulton Falls
Moulton Falls is located near Yacolt Falls

Nearby Waterfalls

If you love hiking to waterfalls, you're in the right place. Near Yacolt Falls, you'll find several other gorgeous waterfalls to visit.

Big Tree Creek Falls

A large, 58-foot waterfall that is part of Big Tree Creek. It has an average width of 15 feet and is very easily accessible. Be careful if you choose to visit as whether or not visitors are allowed is up in the air. It is about 1.7 miles from Yacolt Falls.

Salmon Falls

Salmon Falls is a less-impressive waterfall along the Washougal River. It's only a few miles from Yacolt Falls and may be worth taking a look at if you're in the area. It only drops about 7 feet.

Twin Falls

Close to Big Tree Creek Falls is the even larger Twin Falls. It's 66 feet tall with one drop that's at 90 degrees. It is a plunge waterfall and runs throughout the year. It's only 2 miles from Big Tree Creek.

Some other nearby waterfalls include:

  • Lucia Falls

  • Horseshoe Falls

  • Linton Falls

  • Naked Falls

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