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National Creek Falls | A Gorgeous 40-ft Waterfall in Prospect, Oregon

National Creek Falls in Oregon is one of the state's most beautiful waterfalls. It drops 40 feet with two separate channels into a secluded forest pool.

The waterfall is extremely photogenic with its multiple streams of water and bright green surroundings. Although it only drops about 40 feet and is only 30 feet wide, it's still a spectacular sight along National Creek.

National Creek Falls

National Creek Falls - Everything You Need to Know

The best time to visit the falls is in the summer, but you can visit year-round. Unlike some waterfalls in Oregon, National Creek Falls does not disappear in one season or the next.

The trail and waterfall are great destinations if you want something to add to your southern Oregon itinerary. It's just northwest of Crater Lake and is often a sightseeing stop for those driving on Highway 230. Nearby, you'll also find some great PNW hikes, including the trek up Hershberger Mountain and Weaver Mountain.

View of National Creek Falls
View of National Creek Falls

National Creek Falls Information

  • Height: 40 feet

  • Width: 30 feet

  • Year Round? Yes

  • Stream: National Creek

  • Average Volume: 150 cu ft/sec

  • Coordinates: 43.03221873593202, -122.34736640000001

  • Permit: There is no permit required to park at the National Creek Falls trailhead.

National Creek Falls Trail

If you want to visit National Creek Falls, you'll need to hike the National Creek Falls Trail in Prospect, Oregon. But don't worry; it's less than a mile and has little elevation gain, so it won't be too much of a burden on your waterfall sightseeing trip.


Elevation Gain

Time Required


​.7 miles

150 feet

30 mins


The trail is just off Forest Road 6530 and consists of a few switchbacks up to a lower viewpoint of the falls. The trail is beautiful throughout the year, but most people choose to hike it in the summer.

National Creek Falls from the Trail
National Creek Falls from the trail

If you've never been before, you'll find it very easy to navigate up the trail to the waterfall with well-maintained trail signs and an intact trail.

Directions to National Creek Falls

Trail Amenities

There are few amenities at the National Creek Falls Trailhead. There, you won't find a bathroom, garbage disposal, drinking water, picnic tables, or fire pits. There is a parking lot at the end of the road, and trail signs that make route-finding very easy, but that's it.

National Creek Falls
National Creek Falls

Nearby Waterfalls

Close to National Creek Falls in Prospect, Oregon are several other Pacific Northwest waterfalls that you might want to explore. They include:

Highway Falls

Highway Falls is a very small waterfall close to National Falls. It's only 10 feet tall but is a bit wider than National Falls at 50 feet. It's part of the Rogue River and is usually not sought out as a main point of interest. Rather, it's usually enjoyed as part of a hike.

Alkali Falls

Alkali Falls is around 3 miles from National Falls and drops an impressive 485 feet. It has multiple drops, the tallest of which is 130 feet. Unlike some other waterfalls in Oregon, parts of Alkali Falls are obscured, making it somewhat less impressive than if it was out in the open.

Rough Rider Falls

Rough Rider Falls is one more waterfall that you might want to check out near National Falls. It's 30 feet tall and has one impressive drop with a 10-foot width. It's also part of the Rogue River and has the same gorgeous green surroundings.

Dog Creek Falls is another good option, although it's quite short!

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