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Racehorse Falls | A Stunning Washington Waterfall

Racehorse Falls is a four-tier waterfall that's accessed on North Fork Road in Deming, Washington. A short and steep hike takes you to an amazing viewpoint.

How often do you get to see a four-tier waterfall? Especially one that's only 0.6 miles from the car? Well, if you're up for an unusual change, hiking into Racehorse Falls might be for you.

This hike is NOT for children or those who will have any issues with wet rock and nearby cliffs.

Racehorse Falls

If you love Racehorse Falls, make sure you also take the time to visit Yacolt Falls.

Racehorse Falls Trailhead

The trailhead to hike to Racehorse Falls can be a bit difficult to find. The hike starts on North Fork Road, which is unpaved and can be muddy during winter and spring. There is an unsigned trail about 4.5 miles down the road, after crossing Racehorse Creek. It's here that you'll want to take a clear trail on the right about 0.6 miles to the falls.

Hiking Racehorse Falls

While the distance to Racehorse Falls is very attainable, only 0.6 miles, the terrain does make it more challenging. While gaining around 50 or so feet in elevation, you'll have to navigate a steep cliff with a rope to get to the main viewpoint. It is possible to fall and it has happened before so be careful!


Elevation Gain

Time Required


0.6 miles

50 feet

20 minutes


About 0.3 miles along the trail, you'll see a downhill on the right. Descend here if you want to go to the lower falls. Continuing up takes you to the middle and upper falls. There are drop-offs in this area that can prove challenging. Again, this isn't a hike for kids!

If you see a rope in this area make sure that it's in very good condition before even thinking about using it. There's a pretty dangerous drop-off in this area and it is not recommended to try to descend on the rope. It's usually wet and provides little protection.

Nearby Waterfalls

If you want to check out more waterfalls in the area, you're in luck. There are a few amazing nearby waterfalls that you might want to explore.

Nooksack Falls

Nooksack Falls is a very accessible waterfall that only requires 0.1-miles of hiking to reach it. It's also only a few miles from Racehorse Falls. It has a drop of 88 feet and flows from Nooksack River.

Nooksack Falls
The beautiful Nooksack Falls

Excelsior Falls

Excelsior Falls is just up the road from Nooksack Falls. It's a three-tiered waterfall that's best to visit in the summer and fall.

Hard Scrabble Falls

Hard Scrabble Falls is to the west of Highway 9. It drops an amazing 280 feet in three tiers. The trail is a bit difficult to deal with (there are roots and rocks) but if you can find and hike to it, the waterfall is worth seeing.

Lemolo Falls is another wonderful option if you're spending time in Oregon.

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