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Complete Guide to Eightmile Campground | Leavenworth, Washington

Eightmile Campground is a popular campsite along Icicle Creek Road just outside of Leavenworth, Washington. It's hidden in the woods and offers a peaceful escape from everyday life.

It is a fantastic place to camp close to the Enchantments and in the heart of the best bouldering in the state. You'll enjoy the sounds of Icicle Creek as you drift off to sleep with only the occasional car passing to disturb the peace. If you're lucky, you'll snag one of the gorgeous, isolated sites right next to the river.

What You Need to Know - Eightmile Campground, WA

  • The campground is located eight miles up Icicle Road (and approximately 8 miles from Leavenworth Bavarian Town) in Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest.

  • It is generally open from mid-to-late May through the beginning of October due to impassable snow accumulation on the road. The road itself is usually closed beyond the campsite throughout the winter.

  • It is located next to Icicle Creek and has some sites right on the water.

  • The campground has several different price brackets, a group site that can hold 70 people and 25 cars.

Leavenworth, approximately eight miles from Eightmile Campground
Leavenworth, approximately eight miles from the site

Eightmile Campground Map

Here is a map of the sites in the campground:

The group campground is where the #1 is. Sites #32-37 are on the river.

Getting to Eightmile Campground

Throughout much of the year, Icicle Road is well-maintained, with only a few potholes to avoid passing over. The campground is about 8 miles down the road (hence the name). The entrance to the campground is beyond the turn-off for the Stuart Lake Trailhead and has a large, easy-to-spot sign on the right-hand side. The turn is on the left. If you're unlucky, a "Campground Full" sign will be posted out front.

Eightmile Campground Entrance Sign
Eightmile Campground Entrance Sign

The campground is also easy to access if you've just come over Stevens' Pass. Before entering Leavenworth, you'll take a right onto Icicle Creek Road for 8 miles.

Entrance to Eightmile Campground
The entrance to Eightmile Campground is on the left side of Icicle Road if you're coming from Leavenworth.

Eightmile Campground

At the campground, you'll find sites right next to the river, some closer to the entrance, and others more in the woods. If the campground is pretty empty, take a drive around and walk into the different sites to see which ones are the best. Most of them are set back from the paved road at least a little bit, affording privacy that's rarely found in these campgrounds.

Eightmile Campground Pictures

Here are a few different campsites near the river at Eightmile Campground.

River view and the path to one campsite

Campground Information and Price

There are two different price brackets at the campground (and another price for the group campground).

  • Standard Tent Site (non-electric): $24.00 a night

  • Standard (non-electric): $24.00 a night

  • Standard Double (non-electric): $44.00 a night

Keep in mind that these prices do not include taxes or other fees.

Rules and Guidelines for Eightmile Campground

  • Max stay: 14 nights

  • Two-day weekend minimum

  • Three-day holiday weekend minimum

Facilities at the Campground

Here are the facilities you can find at Eightmile Campground:

  • 41 single sites

  • 4 double sites

  • Picnic tables

  • Fire rings

  • Water via hand pump

  • Tent pad

  • Grills

  • Potable water

  • Vault toilets

Bathrooms at Eightmile Campground are located near the entrance
Bathrooms at Eightmile Campground are located near the entrance

Eightmile Campground Group Camp

Eightmile campground also has a group campground that's available for reservation. When you pull into the campground, the group campground area is on the left near the bathrooms. It's in its own separate area with a huge parking lot with enough space for at least 20 cars and numerous campsites spread out around it. Some of these are by the river.

The individual sites are about the same size as the campsites in the other areas of Eightmile Campground but they are grouped together and have their own separate parking area.

One of the group campground sites
One of the group campground sites

Group Campground Information

The group campground can accommodate up to 70 people and 25 vehicles. It includes picnic tables, drinking water, and more.

  • Costs $112 per night

If you enjoyed Eightmile Campground, you might also want to check out our guide to camping at Fort Ebey.

Activities Near Eightmile Campground

If you've booked a site at Eightmile Campground, you're going to have the opportunity to hike, fish, bike, climb glaciated peaks, explore the Enchantments, and more! Some of the many areas you may want to explore include:

  • Leavenworth Bavarian Town: a small, Bavaraian-style town eight miles from the campground that offers tourist-style meals, stores, and more.

  • Leavenworth Bouldering: a lifetime of bouldering can be found within a few miles of the site. From V-easy to V-14.

  • Fishing: fishing in Toketie Lake and other nearby bodies of water is one of the best ways to spend your time near the campground.

  • The Enchantments: located in Alpine Lakes Wilderness, the famed Enchantments are home to Mt. Stuart, Dragontail Peak, the infamous Asgard Pass, Snowlakes, Colchuck Lake, and more.

  • The Fourth of July Trail: a 10.6-mile popular hike close to Eightmile Campground that provides visitors with incredible views of the region.

Icicle Creek near Eightmile Campground
Icicle Creek

Eightmile Campground Map and Directions

Keep an eye out and make sure not to miss the turn left into the campground!

Eightmile Campground Reservations

This campground is a popular and busy area of the Icicle Canyon to stay in. We highly recommend making a reservation. But, if you don't, there are a limited number of First-come, First-serve campsites available.

Make a reservation for Eightmile Campground and view the site map.

Have you been to the campground? Leave a review below!

Nearby Campgrounds

  • Eightmile Group Campground: can accommodate up to 70 people and 25 vehicles. Features one large site with picnic tables, drinking water, and more. Costs $112 per night.

  • Bright Creek Group Site: costs $125 per night and can accommodate up to 75 people and more than 30 vehicles.


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