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Visiting Devil's Lake Recreation Area, Oregon | Hiking, Camping, and More!

Located in Lincoln County, Oregon, Devil's Lake is a popular 685-acre lake that is an ideal location for fishers, boaters, and paddlers. The lake is famously protected from coastal winds, so it's an amazing destination throughout much of the year!

Plus, there is a range of camping options near Devil's Lake, Oregon too.

Devil's Lake Recreation Area, Oregon

In and around the recreation area, you can visit a variety of beautiful hiking trails and find numerous access points to get onto the water. Plus, when you're tired of lake life, you can practically walk to the beach!

If you love Devil's Lake, we highly recommend you check out the camping opportunities in the Ancient Lakes Basin in Washington.

Visiting Devil's Lake Recreation Area in Oregon

This great Pacific Northwest lake is in west-central Oregon. It's right on the coastline but is protected from the winds that are so common on the Oregon Coast. The lake is just north of Lincoln City and south of Neotsu. It's a very long lake, with many homes along its shores.

NE East Devils Lake Road runs parallel to the lake on its east side. The west side is bordered by Regatta Park, the official Devil's Lake State Recreation Area, Holmes Rd Park, and much more.

Lincoln City Coastline
Lincoln City coastline

On the east side, you're going to find Sand Point Park, just off NE Loop Dr. The Lincoln City KOA Journey is on that side as well.

What to Do at Devils Lake?

If you're at Devils Lake for a day, a week, or just a few hours, there is something for everyone to do!

Water Sports

If you love paddling, canoeing, or kayaking, then Devil's Lake is an ideal place to get your paddling fix near the Oregon coast. The Lake is naturally protected from the coastal wind but is still only a short distance from the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset Near Devils Lake
Sunset near Devils Lake


There are a few different hiking trails you might make use of when you're visiting Devils Lake. One of these is the Devil's Lake Boardwalk Trail. It's an easy, 1/2 mile trail that should only take you a few minutes to walk the entirety of. It's within the Devil's Lake State Recreation Area, so if you're camping in this area, it's super convenient. Read more about camping below!

Slightly north of the recreation area is the Kirtsis Park Walk. It's another very easy trail that should only take about 30 minutes to complete. It's 1.5 miles long. A bit south, you can enjoy the Spyglass Ridge Open Space Trail, that's 1.3 miles long, and the Anges Creek Open Space Loop, that's slightly longer at 1.7 miles long.


Fishing is another popular activity at Devil's Lake. The lake is filled with rainbow trout, largemouth bass, salmon, and more.

Fishing at Devil's Lake
Fishing at Devil's Lake

Wildlife and Birdwatching

If you're looking for something slightly less active to do, you're likely to enjoy birdwatching at Devils Lake. Some of the many birds you might see include the Brandt's Cormorant, the surfbird, the black-necked stilt, and the west sandpiper.

Camping at Devils Lake

Oregon's Devil's Lake is a great place to go camping throughout the year! With a range of campsites to choose from, you're sure to find something that fits your specific needs.

We've arranged the campsites by which side of the lake they're on.

Devils Lake West Side Campgrounds

Devils Lake RV Park

Address: 4041 NE West Devils Lake Rd, Lincoln City, OR 97367

This highly-regarded RV park is one of the most popular camping areas around Devils Lake. There are 90 RV sites to choose from as well as free wifi, tiny homes to rent, included utilities, on-site kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, and showers. Plus, the campground is pet-friendly!

Coastline Near Lincoln City
Coastline near Lincoln City

Logan Road RV Park

Address: 4800 NW Logan Rd, Lincoln City, OR 97367

On the west side of Devils Lake, you're also going to find the Logan Road RV Park. The RV park is a true home away from home. They offer free wifi, a shuttle service to the nearby casino, showers and bathrooms, laundry machines, and a dog park.

Devil's lake State Recreation Area Campground

Address: Devil's Lake State Recreation Area, Lincoln City, OR 97367

The Devil's Lake campground is on the south end of the west side of Devil's lake. There is a hiker and biker camp, RV sites, and tent sites, as well as showers, bathrooms, and a boat launch. You can also enjoy their program area and boardwalk. In total, there are 109 sites.

Devils Lake East Side Campgrounds

Lincoln City KOA Journey

Address: 5298 NE Park Ln, Otis, OR 97368

Your best camping option on the east side of the lake is the KOA. It's close to Lincoln City, close to the beach, offers wifi and cable TV, has propane for sale, includes a pavilion snack bar, bike rentals, firewood for sale, and a dog park.

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