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Upper Goodell Group Camp | North Cascades National Park

The Upper Goodell Group Camp is a small campsite off Highway 20 that provides access to the Goodell Creek Trail and the Southern Pickets, including West McMillan Spire, Inspiration Peak, and Chopping Block.

The Upper Goodell Group Camp is a quiet site that will accommodate up to 30 people and 10 cars. The site includes a few basic accommodations. It's important to note that the site will not accommodate RVs or large buses.

Upper Goodell Group Camp Location

The campground is along Highway 20, just past milepost 119. It is 13 miles from Marblemount and 74 miles from Winthrop. The nearest cellphone service from the campground is in Marblemount to the west or just past Mazama as you're heading into Winthrop if you're coming from the east.

Nearing the Upper Goodell Group Camp
Nearing the Upper Goodell Group Camp

While technically you might be able to fit 10 cars in the campsite, you might have trouble getting everyone in and out. You're likely to have more success the fewer cars you bring! We also highly recommend picking up all the supplies you need before heading up to the campground. Getting back to the highway isn't hard, but it's also not right next door.

Upper Goodell Group Camp Amenities

Upper Goodell Group Camp is a fairly basic campsite. There, you can expect to find:

  • 1 tent platform

  • 1 pit toilet

  • 1 pavilion

  • A fire grate

  • No electric hookups

  • Food storage lockers

  • Trashcan

Trash bin at Upper Goodell Group Camp
Trash bin at Upper Goodell Group Camp

At the campground, there is NO:

  • Cellphone reception

  • Internet

  • Store

  • Firewood or ice for sale

  • Staff on site

  • Amphitheater

  • Laundry

  • Potable water

  • RV hookups

  • Showers

The National Parks Service notes that gathering firewood is prohibited in this area. But you can bring firewood in. Additionally, trailers, RVs, and buses are not allowed. This is a limited-development campground that does not have paved road access. There is very limited turnaround space, and the road up to the site is only large enough for one car at a time.

Picnic Pavilion at Upper Goodell Group Camp
Picnic Pavilion at Upper Goodell Group Camp

Upper Goodell Group Camp Reservations

You can make reservations at the Upper Goodell Group Camp up to a year in advance. Although it's not the most popular campsite in or near North Cascades National Park, you may want to make a reservation just in case. Make your reservations at

In the summer season, the campground costs $75 to reserve.

Upper Goodell Group Camp Season and Hours

The best time to visit this park area is between June and September. Before early summer, Highway 20 is closed, and so is the campground. There could be snow as late as mid-July during heavy snowfall years.

What To Do At Goodell Group Camp

The campsite is a small, quiet camping area off Highway 20. Its main draw is its close proximity to popular North Cascades hikes and climbs. They include:

  • West McMillan Spire

  • Inspiration Peak

  • Chopping Block

  • East McMillan Spire

  • Rock Shelter Trail

  • Skagit River Loop Trail

It might also be a good choice for those looking to summit Trapper's Peak the next day. However, it will require moving to a different trailhead.

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