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Sammamish Landing Park | Lake Sammamish State Park - Washington

Sammamish Landing Park is an 8-acre part sight on the east shore of the large Lake Sammamish near Seattle. The park includes multiple beach areas, docks, and picnic tables.

Sammamish Landing Park on the banks of Washington's Lake Sammamish (one of the best lakes in the PNW!) is the only public park on the shoreline and within the city limits. It's a very popular destination around the year for locals and tourists hoping to swim, fish, kayak, paddleboard, and hike.

Lake Sammamish Landing Park

Getting to Sammamish Landing Park

To get to Sammamish landing Park, you'll want to head to the east side of Lake Sammamish. The landing park is just southeast of Marymoor Park and across the water from Idylwood Park. Use the map below to get directions to Sammamish Landing Park:

Need to Know About Sammamish Landing Park

Lake Sammamish is a Washington glacial lake that's incredibly popular. It's only a few miles from downtown Seattle.

Hours: 6:30 AM to Dusk between April and September and 7:30 to dusk from October to March.

Address: 4607 East Lake Sammamish Parkway NE

Amenities: Barbecue grills, beach dock, trails, restrooms, picnic shelter

Lake Sammamish Landing Park Dock
The dock at Lake Sammamish Landing Park

What to Do at Sammamish Landing Park?

Sammamish Landing Park is open year-round and a perfect place to exercise or relax if you live in Seattle, Adelaide, Renton, or any surrounding city. Whether you're interested in watersports or not, there is something for you to do! Remember, Lake Sammamish is a Washington state park, so fishing licenses are necessary.

Sunset at Lake Sammamish
Sunset at Lake Sammamish

Go on a Hike

If you're looking for a great place to go for a hike or walk, Sammamish Landing Park is a good choice. There, you'll find the East Lake Sammamish Trail that cuts through the park. You can join it here or at any of the other intersections to enjoy walking along the eastern shore of the lake. In total, the trail is 10 miles long and should take you around 3 hours to complete the whole thing.

Near Lake Sammamish
Walking near Lake Sammamish

Kayak and Paddleboard

Kayaking and paddleboarding are popular in all of the lakes near Seattle. This particular lake provides numerous starting points and many acres of lake to explore. You can head to Tibbetts Beach to rent gear.


Fishing is one of the most popular activities at Sammamish Landing Park. There is a great dock that many people make use of but make sure that you have a fishing license! In the lake, you'll find:

  • Rainbow trout

  • Largemouth bass

  • Yellow perch

  • Sockeye salmon

  • Cutthroat trout

Lake Sammamish Landing Park
Lake Sammamish Landing Park

Have a Picnic

Sammamish Landing Park is a great place to take friends or family for a warm summer picnic. There are multiple picnic tables around the park that provide you with a lovely view of the lake while you have lunch or an afternoon snack.

Nearby Lakes

Close to Lake Sammamish, you'll find several other lakes that are worth visiting near Seattle.

Lake Washington
The very large and very popular Lake Washington

Lake Washington

The nearby Lake Washington is one of the largest lakes in the state and one of the most popular with Seattlites or anyone living in the western part of Washington state. It's only 5 miles from Seattle, is accessible via Highway 90, and has a square mileage of nearly 34 miles.

Lake Union

The very well-known Lake Union is ever-present in Seattle. While swimming may not be the best idea in Lake Union, there are wonderful views that make boating a greater deal of fun. It's in downtown Seattle.

Green Lake
Green Lake

Green Lake

A smaller lake that's only 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. There, you can enjoy picnicking, boating, fishing, and swimming. It's very popular and is conveniently located in the city.

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