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Oyhut State Park | Ocean Shores, Washington

Oyhut State Park is a gorgeous beach on Washington's west coast at the south end of Ocean Shores Peninsula. It provides access to the beach from downtown Ocean Shores.

The beach is popular with birders and as a place to rent and ride horses. It is also commonly used as a stop-over spot while traveling down Highway 109.

The state park is close to several resorts, like KM Resorts and Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, and is only a short distance from the North Jetty, sticking out into the Pacific Ocean from North Bay.

Directions to Oyhut State Park

Use the map below to navigate to Oyhut State Park:

When to Visit Oyhut State Park

The best time to visit Oyhut State Park is in the summer! Even on the hottest days when it would be unbearable to step outside around Seattle or Portland, Oyhut State Park stays relatively cool with a sea breeze and a chance of overcast skies.

Ocean Shores Beach
Ocean Shores Beach

Weather at Oyhut State Park

Oyhut State Park is on the Washington coast. This means that the weather can be very fickle, even in the summer. It's not uncommon to have one day of sun, and the next find yourself in 50-degree weather and under an entirely overcast sky with a chance of rain.

In the summer, you can expect highs in the mid-80s and lows in the 50s. In the winter, the temperate can drop into the 20s and rarely reaches above the mid-50s.

What to Expect at Oyhut State Park

Oyhut State Park is not one of the busier state parks in Washington. It's located on the north shore of North Bay, near Ocean Shores, and near where Highway 109 meets Highway 115. Like all areas of the Washington coast, it's susceptible to overcast conditions throughout the year. But, on a perfect summer day with a cool breeze, it's hard to beat.

Around the park, you'll find beautiful plant life, small private trails, and wildlife. There are camping opportunities nearby as well.

Ocean Shores beach
Ocean Shores beach on a cloudy day

Oyhut State Park Parking Pass

The park requires a Discover Pass to park there. It costs $10.00 a day or $30.00 for the year.

Wildlife at Oyhut State Park

A visit to Oyhut State Park is likely to include a few wildlife encounters. Some of the animals you may encounter while there include various birds of prey, like eagles, wading birds, songbirds, marine birds, deer, and other small mammals.

Western Snowy Plover on the Beach
Western Snowy Plover on the beach

The Western snowy plover is also quite common and makes an entertaining sight running on the beach and into the waves. Oyhut State Park is one of the only safe havens these birds have to breed in Washington.

What to Do at Oyhut State Park

Here are a few things to do at Oyhut State Park:

Go Birding

Birding is one of the primary reasons that visitors take a trip to Oyhut State Park.

It's well-known along the Washington coast as a great place to scope out native and non-native Washington species like the Western snowy plover.

Ocean birds
Ocean birds on a sunny day

Go on a Walk

No visit to Oyhut State Park would be complete without a relaxing walk along the beach. The flat, even shoreline is perfect for a simple stroll, picnic, and enjoying the beautiful horizon. There are no formal trails in the park so you can choose to walk wherever seems right.

Visit Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area

Located on the tip of the North Jetty, this gorgeous, secluded wildlife area is home to many sea birds and small mammals.

Ride Horses

This stretch of beach is a popular place to ride horses. There are several ranches nearby, like HoneyPearl Ranch and Chenois Creek Horse Rental that cater to visitors to the state park.

Horse back riding on the beach
Horse back riding is a popular activity at Oyhut State Park

Visit Other State Parks

Nearby, you can take some time to see Ocean City State Park, Chance A La Mer State Park, as well as these other Washington State Parks:

  • Westhaven State Park

  • Westport Light State Park

  • Griffiths-Priday State Park

  • Twin Harbors Beach State Park

  • Bottle Beach State Park

Hiking Near Oyhut State Park

There are a few hiking trails you might want to explore near Oyhut State Park:

Damon Point Trail

The Damon Point Trail, also known as the Damon Point State Park Trail, is located near the Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area. It's an easy, 3-mile loop that should take about 1 hour to complete. It takes you on a loop around Damon's Point with gorgeous ocean views the whole way.

Perkins Pond Nature Trail

The Perkins Pond Nature Trail is another great option if you're looking for a shorter walk. It's just over .5 a mile long and should only take you between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. It's located a few blocks inland from the beach.

Camping Near Oyhut State Park

There are several camping options near Oyhut State Park. They include:

  • JB's RV Park and Campground

  • KM Resorts Ocean Breeze RV Resort

  • Screamin' Eagle Campground

  • Oceana RV & Camping Resort


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