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Nason Creek Campground | Lake Wenatchee State Park

The Nason Creek campground is close to the southeastern side of Lake Wenatchee State Park. It's located around 19 miles north of the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington.

Nason Creek Campground

If you're visiting Lake Wenatchee in the peak season, you may struggle to get a camping reservation. Make sure to book early to avoid this! Or consider camping outside the state park in another, smaller, less popular area.

Make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Lake Wenatchee State Park for everything you need to know to make your trip a success!

Nason Creek Campground

Nason Creek Campground Sign
The sign welcoming you to Nason Creek Campground.

Within the park, you'll have the choice of the North and South Campgrounds, grouped under the name Nason Creek Campground. They are on the southeast side of the park, the first part you get to when driving from Leavenworth, and border either side of Nason Creek.

60% of the sites are for those with reservations in advance, and 40% are for first come, first serve campers. If you want to make a reservation, make sure to make it at least 3 days in advance! The following passes quality for a 50% discount for single-site camping: Interagency Senior, Interagency Access, Golden Age, or Golden Access.

The Campground opens towards the end of May each year. In 2022, it opened on May 20th. Visitors to Lake Wenatchee's campground, Nason Creek, can expect highs in the 80s and 90s in the summer and lows in the 50s.In the winter, the highs are around 30 degrees, and the lows are in the 20s.

Directions to Lake Wenatchee Camping

Nason Creek Campground is located around 30 minutes, or 20 miles, from Leavenworth, Washington. From Leavenworth, take Us-2 down Tumwater Canyon. At a large wooden sign with the park's name, turn right. Follow this for around 3.5 miles until you see another sign directing you left to Lake Wenatchee State Park. The campgrounds are the first left you come to.

North Campground at Lake Wenatchee

The North Campground is on the north side of Nason Creek within walking distance of Lake Wenatchee. No matter where you are in this campground, you will have a gorgeous view of the lake and its surroundings. It's the ideal choice for families and couples looking for a getaway that still provides amenities.


  • Playground for young visitors (see below)

  • Welcome station with information about upcoming events, parking, and more

  • Multiple parking lots and tons of parking spaces (but that doesn't mean it won't fill up to capacity!)

  • Horseshoes

  • RV Camping

  • Picnic tables (some very close to the beach, which makes for great views!)

  • Park Office

  • Park store with provisions and souvenirs

Playground near Nason Creek Campground
Playground near Nason Creek Campground

Good to Know

Make sure to keep in mind these critical details about the campsite!

  • Reservations need to be made before 1:00 PM on the day before

  • Campsites cost $24 a night.

  • Some have shade, others partial shade or sun.

  • Some have space for an RV.

  • Extra vehicles cost more.

Lake Wenatchee through the trees
Lake Wenatchee through the trees

South Campground at Lake Wenatchee

Located on the south side of Nasson Creek, the South Campground is closer to the lake, the volleyball court, and a picnic shelter. Like the North Campground, the South Campground is very close to the lake and provides scenic views and easy access to the shore.

Facilities onsite:

  • Restrooms with showers

  • Picnic tables

  • Picnic shelter

  • Two parking lots

  • Close to the equestrian rental

  • Volleyball court

Good to Know

  • Reservations need to be made before 1:00 PM on the day before

  • Campsites cost $24 a night.

  • Some have shade, others partial shade or sun.

  • Some have space for an RV.

  • Extra vehicles cost more.

To make camping reservations go to


Does Nason Creek Campground have showers?

Yes, Nason Creek Campground has showers! The campground has all the amenities you'd need, including bathrooms and potable water for your stay. You won't have to worry about running out of water or even basic amenities with the store onsite.

What county is Lake Wenatchee in?

Lake Wenatchee is in Chelan County (pronounced: sheh-lawn County). It's only a short 30-minute drive from Leavenworth and around 50 minutes from the city of Wenatchee. It's very popular with visitors throughout the spring, summer, fall, and even in the winter for snowshoeing.

Is Lake Wenatchee safe to swim in?

Yes! Lake Wenatchee is a very safe place to swim. There is a swimming area designated by park staff (with floating buoys) suitable for children. But, most of the year, the water is quite cold and may be difficult to spend much time in!

What is the water temperature of Lake Wenatchee?

On average, the water temperate is around 62 degrees F. It's incredibly cold in the winter and into the spring, and even early summer. It's not until well into the hottest days of the year that most people enjoy swimming in it.

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