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Kalaloch Beach 3 Trail | Washington Coast Hike

The Kalaloch Beach 3 Trail is a very popular short hike in Olympic National Park, close to Forks, Washington. It takes you to Kalaloch Beach in only 0.3 miles.

From Kalaloch Beaches, which are some of the best-loved beaches in the Pacific Northwest, you can hike left and right along the beach on a much longer but very flat trail. Beaches 3 and 4 are best-know as tidepooling destinations, while beaches 1 and 2 are classically sweeping ocean views.

Kalaloch Beach 3

Kalaloch Beach 3 Trailhead

The Kalaloch Beach 3 Trailhead is on Highway 101 just south of Forks, Washington, and north of Kalaloch. Parking is very limited at this trailhead, so make sure to get there early if you want a spot.

If you loved visiting Kalaloch Beach, make sure to check out the incredible camping near Manzanita, Oregon.

Hiking to Kalaloch Beach 3

Kalaloch Beach 3 is one of the most popular of the Kalaloch Beaches. There, you can expect to see a gorgeous ocean view and maybe even some starfish. It's very easy to hike and starts from a convenient point along Highway 101.


Elevation Gain

Time Required


0.3 miles

75 feet

10 minutes


Sunset at Kalaloch Beach 3
Sunset at Kalaloch Beach 3

The trail starts on the west side of Highway 101. It includes a few switchbacks while gaining less than 100 feet through the woods. Although short, the trail does go uphill and may not be suitable for all visitors. It's a good choice if you want to get away from crowds and don't mind fighting for a parking spot.

Woods Near Kalaloch Beach 3
Woods Near Kalaloch Beach 3

Nearby Beach Trail

Here are a few nearby beach trails if the parking at Beach 3 is full or if you're interested in seeing more of the shoreline.

Kalaloch 4th Beach Trail

The Kalach 4th Beach Trail is further north up Highway 101 and may have to be your fallback if the trailhead parking at Kalaloch Beach 3 is full. The trail to beach 4 is more than twice as long but is still quite easy. The approach to the beach should only take you about 20 minutes.

Tidepool at Kalaloch Beach 4
Tidepool at Kalaloch Beach 4

Ruby Beach Trail

The short Ruby Beach Trail is close to Forks, Washington, and only 1 mile in length. It takes you to the well-known Ruby Beach, which can be busy on peak days. It's well-known for its incredible rock formations.

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