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Floras Lake Beach - Coastal Oregon's Hidden Gem

Set along the southern Oregon coast, Floras Lake Beach is a hidden gem among beaches of the Pacific Northwest, with stunning rock formations and miles of coastline.

Floras Lake Beach is one of those places that you'll feel amazed you've never heard of before. If you're hoping to spend some time near the ocean but want to avoid the crowds at Cannon Beach and its surrounding state parks, drive south to Floras Lake Beach, where numerous isolated hikes await!

About Floras Lake Beach

Floras Lake Beach is much more than just a way to get to the ocean. With stunning rocky cliffs, unique rock formations, dozens of hiking trails, and a truly isolated feeling, you're unlikely to run out of stunning places to visit.

Floras Lake Beach State Park
Floras Lake Beach State Park coastline

The beach is part of a state park, Floras Lake State Park, that includes the remote Blacklock Point that's only accessible via a 1.5-mile hike. You can visit the beach year-round, but the best time to visit is in the summer when you can truly enjoy the water and sun. Floras Lake Beach is one of the best beaches in the Pacific Northwest.

Blacklock Point

Blacklock Point in Floras Lake Beach State Park is a not-to-be-missed viewpoint on a trip to this part of the Oregon coast. It's a promontory that provides amazing views of the Pacific and the entire coastline.

To get to Blacklock Point, you'll need to take the Blacklock Point Trail from Cape Blanco State Airport, slightly north toward the coast. It cuts through the State Natural Area and requires a total of 4.2 miles of hiking. It's a moderately difficult trail that only gains around 300 feet in elevation during the entire hike.

The first part of the trail is a little strange (since it starts at an airport), but it soon opens up into views of the coast and a far remoter feeling atmosphere.

Blacklock Point is often compared to a similar coastal formation, God's Thumb, that's a popular hiking destination further north along the coast.

Cape Blanco Coastline
The Cape Blanco Coastline

Floras Lake Beach Hikes

Near Floras lake Beach, there are a few other hikes that we highly recommend.

The Floras Lake Waterfall Trail is a 5-mile hike along the beach that gains little elevation but is entirely on sand. Depending on your preference, this may make the hike more difficult than it would be on a normal trail. It'll take you along the beach for several miles before you can either turn around or loop back around to where you started.

At the end of the beach, you'll find Floras Lake Waterfall. It's very remote, and you're unlikely to find yourself fighting crowds for a good view.

Rock Formations Near Floras Lake Beach
Rock formations near Floras Lake Beach

Another pretty easy Pacific Northwest hike you might explore is the Floras Lake Loop Trail. The loop goes around the lake and includes views of the coastline. It's a pretty long hike, but it's always possible to just do part of it and turn around. If you're hoping to see some of the amazing rock formations this area of the coast is known for, then this hike is for you!

What to Do at Floras Lake Beach

Near Floras lake Beach, you'll find a few different outdoor activities and spots you're going to want to check out. This includes Cape Blanco State Park to the south.


If you're into watersports, Floras Lake State Park is the place for you. With the ocean and a large lake side-by-side, it's hard to think of a watersport that you wouldn't be able to do there. Some of the watersports the area is known for are:

  • Windsurfing

  • Kayaking

  • Canoeing

  • Boating

  • Paddleboarding

  • Swimming

Windsurfing is popular on Floras Lake Beach

Cape Blanco State Park

Near Floras Lake State Park, you'll find Cape Blanco State Park. It's further south and is more popular than Floras Lake. The Cape Blanco Lighthouse is a popular tourist destination and is worth a visit if you want to extend your stay along the coast.

It includes hiking and horse trails, wetlands, numerous vista points, and more camping options.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse
The Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Camping at Floras Lake Beach

The state park is one of the most underrated, and therefore underdeveloped, state parks in Oregon. If you're hoping to find a wide array of campsites as you would around Ecola State Park, then you're going to be disappointed. Instead, you'll want to check out:

Boice Cope Park Camping

At Boice Cope Park, there are RV sites with full hookups that are pet friendly. This is one of the few camping spots near Floras Lake Beach, Oregon. It's on the north side of Floras Lake and is where many visitors end up camping during their stay.

Read more about the campground here.

Cypress Hill RV Campground

The Cypress Hill RV Campground is another good option, but one that's further from the coast than Boice Cope Park. It offers paved RV camping spots, Wifi, laundry, pet-friendly, fire pits, showers, bathrooms, and more.

There are also some really wonderful campsites near Manzanita, Oregon if you're in the area!

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