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Fairholme Campground Guide - Olympic National Park, Washington

The Fairholme Campground next to Lake Crescent is on the north side of the Olympic Peninsula in the rain forest. It is one of the most popular sites in the park, and for a good reason!

This is a medium-sized campground that's located near the waters of Lake Crescent. It has easy and direct access to Fairholme Beach, one of its most appealing features! The lake is well-known as the second-largest lake in Washington state and for its incredibly clear blue waters. It is an ideal destination for anyone hoping to enjoy the wild-feeling Olympic National Park with a few basic amenities.

The campground is not open year-round, and the opening dates vary depending on the year. Call 360.564.3130 for more information about the campground's yearly schedule. There will be Fairholme campground maps to reference at the park to find your site.

Reservations are possible from May to late September. RVs are allowed in the campground, but there are no hookups.

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Artist representation of Fairholme Campground on the banks of Lake Crescent
Artist representation of the campground on the banks of Lake Crescent.
Artist Credit: Emma H. Baldwin

Many of the campsites are on the banks of Lake Crescent.

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Need to Know about Fairholme Campground

There are a few important facts about the campground that visitors should know!

  • The reservation system run from May to late September and on a first-come, first-serve basis during the spring.

  • Sites will be sold out unless you reserve early

  • There are flush toilets

  • There is a dump station

  • The campground is closed during the winter months

  • Located next to Lake Crescent on the north side of the Olympic peninsula.

  • A medium-large size campground in Olympic National Park

  • No RV hookups, but RVs are allowed.

  • Reservations can be made 6 months in advance

  • The campground is typically closed from the beginning of October to the Memorial Day weekend.

Facts about Fairholme Campground

Here are the most important facts about Fairholme Campground camping:

  • Location: Olympic National Park, approximately 40 minutes from Port Angeles, Washington.

  • # of sites: 88

  • Campfires allowed? Yes

  • Toilet: Yes

  • Pets allowed? Yes

  • RVs allowed? Yes

  • Open year-round? No

  • Walk-in campsites? Yes, there are around five campsites reserved for walk-in campers.

  • Price: $24 a night

Artist representation of Lake Crescent near Fairholme Campground
Artist representation of Lake Crescent near the campground
Artist Credit: Emma H. Baldwin

Amenities at Fairholme Campground

At the campground, you'll get to enjoy a few basic amenities. It's not the largest campground in Washington, but it's also not the smallest! (by a long shot!)

  • Potable water

  • Picnic tables

  • Fire pits at each site

  • Restrooms

  • A large parking lot

In addition to these basic amenities, you'll likely choose to visit the site because of its beautiful location. Because it is located along the shore of Lake Crescent, while camping you'll also have access to:

  • A boat launch and rental area

  • Swimming area

  • General store

Keep reading for more about what to do near the campground in Olympic National Park.

When to Visit Fairholme Campground

The best time to visit Fairholme Campground is in the late spring after the area opens, through the summer, and into the fall.

Olympic National Park is known for its incredibly rainy weather throughout much of the year, so if you're going early in the park season, make sure to keep an eye on how likely it is to rain. Even the most accurate weather forecasters struggle with this area of the country though, so don't be too surprised if it changes on a dime!

Did you know? Lake Crescent is the second largest lake in Washington!

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During the summer, although it will be less rainy, you're likely to contend with higher crowds and surprising heat. We highly recommend planning a trip in the late summer or early fall when the bulk of the crowds have already been through for the year.

Directions to Fairholme Campground

Use the map below to navigate to the campground:

Rules and Regulations

  • Maximum stay of 7 nights.

  • If you cancel your reservation, you'll receive a refund minus a few fees

  • Late cancellations are from midnight the day before your check-in time.

  • Payment is required to use shower facilities.

RVs at Fairholme Campground

If you're planning on visiting the campground with an RV, there are a few things to keep in mind. The maximum recommended length is 21 feet. Larger than this may present a navigational challenge.

What to Do Near Fairholme Campground

Fairholme Campground is in a fantastic location! If you stay there, you'll have a ton of Olympic National Park's best features right at your fingertips. Here are a few things you might want to explore nearby:

Visit Sol Duc Hot Springs

The Sol Duc Hot Springs is a super popular area 25 minutes from the campground and just over an hour from Port Angeles. It is a resort that offers three hot spring mineral pools and one freshwater pool. The former originate from melting snow and rainwater.

There is another campground even closer to the hot springs - Sol Duc Hot Springs RV & Campground that may be a better option if you're interested in spending more time there.

Hike the Olympic Discovery Trail

The famous Olympic Discovery Trail starts at Port Townsend and ends at the Pacific Ocean. It's 130 miles long and is open year-round. If you're staying at the campground, you may want to discover a portion of this trail that's nearby.

Trails Near Fairholme Campground

Some of the trails nearby are:

  • Fairholme Campground Loop: 0.7 miles and 141 feet of elevation gain.

  • Mount Storm King: 4.1 miles and 2,000 feet of elevation gain.

  • Hurricane Hill via Hurricane Ridge: 3.4 miles and 800 feet of elevation gain.

  • Marymere Falls Trail: 1.7 miles and 300 feet of elevation gain.

Did you know? Almost all of these trails are on Traverse the Pacific Northwest's 10 Best Hikes in Olympic National Park. Have you done them all yet? Let us know below!

Go swimming and spend time on Lake Crescent beach

The campground borders Crescent Lake. It is a large, glacial lake with a maximum depth of 624'.

Dock at Lake Crescent
Dock at Lake Crescent

It is about 18 miles from Port Angeles and is surrounded by several hiking trails. Some are tough, climbing up into the mountains around the campground, while others are more moderate and take explorers to other lakes and along rivers.

Boating on the lake is very popular. In fact, there is a boat launch near the campground. You can also rent boats there as well.

Campgrounds Near Port Angeles

There are a few more campground options near Port Angeles, Washington, that are perfect if you want to spend time in the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula. They include the Hoh Rainforest Campground, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Campground, and Falls Creek Campground.

You might also want to check out Lena Creek Campground. This large, RV and tent camping area is right on the water.


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