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Echo Rock Hot Springs | Oregon - Everything You Need to Know

Echo Rock Hot Springs in the Owyhee Reservoir is a scenic Oregon hot spring in a truly unique location. It requires a 4-mile hike or paddle-in to reach the springs.

While Owyhee is better known as a hiking and floating destination, there are also hot springs in the area that are well worth visiting. This particular hot spring is on the south bank of the Owyhee Reservoir and has multiple features you're going to want to enjoy, including a man-made pool.

Getting to Echo Rock Hot Springs

Echo Rock Hot Springs is not easy to access. To get there, you'll need to travel to the Owyhee Reservoir in eastern Oregon. The hot springs are located at Latitude: 43.301696, Longitude: -117.382994.

  • From Portland to Owyhee Reservoir: 9 hours 20 mins

  • From Seattle to Owyhee Reservoir: 11 hours

  • From Olympia to Owyhee Reservoir: 10 hours 50 mins

  • From Salem to Owyhee Reservoir: 9 hours

Hiking to Echo Rock Hot Springs

To reach Echo Rock Hot Springs on foot, you'll need to hike along the southern bank of the Owyhee Reservoir for four miles until reaching the above coordinates.

What to Expect at Echo Rock Hot Springs

Echo Rock Hot Springs, Oregon is open year-round. There are no fees to access it nor restrictions on what time of day you can go. But, the lack of regulations means that you'll have few amenities in return.

Because of how hard it is to access, it is most popular with hikers and boaters. Most people come to Echo Rock because they're in the area, enjoying the climbing and hiking that this area has to offer.

Owyhee River
Echo Rock Hot Springs is 4 miles down the Owyhee River


There are a few different amenities at Echo Rock Hot Springs, OR but this hot spring is certainly not the fanciest in the state. At the Owyhee Reservoir, you'll find the spring, a shower, and the nearby river. There are no overnight facilities, nor is there fresh drinking water or toilets.

Nearby, at Crystal Crane Hot Springs (and others in the area), you'll find far better-supplied springs that include overnight cabins and other more expensive amenities.

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Nearby hot springs
A nearby hot spring

The Hot Spring

The hot spring itself is around 105 degrees F throughout the year. Nearby you'll find relatively open, desert shrubland where you may be able to set up a tent. There are spots to pull any boats, canoes, kayaks, or floats onto shore as well and relax for as long as you want.

Nearby Hot Springs

Nearby, you'll find a few other hot springs that you may want to visit. Or, it may be a better option for you if you don't want to hike into this remote Oregon hot spring.

Nearby Hot Springs
A nearby hot springs that's popular with visitors

Three Forks Hot Springs

A hot spring on private land that can be accessed from the confluence of the North, Middle, and Main fork of the Owyhee River. The road can be near impassable in some weather, so be careful!

Alvord Desert Hot Spring

Not in the Owyhee Canyonlands area, the Alvord Desert Hot Spring is a gorgeous, expansive hot spring that requires a $5 entry fee. It's on private land and includes a changing room and gift shop. It's open year-round and is right at the base of Steens Mountains.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

The very popular Crystal Crane Hot Springs is one of the more established options in eastern Oregon. It includes a bathhouse, private cabins, private tubs, and a large soaking pool that's kept at 101 degrees.

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