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Complete Guide to Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

Peshastin Pinnacles State Park features a group of prominent sandstone spires in the Wenatchee River Valley in Washington State. It's a great spot for hiking, climbing, and seeing wildflowers.

Complete Guide to Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

The 34-acre park is located alongside Highway 2 between the Bavarian town of Leavenworth and Wenatchee. It's very visible from the road and is marked by several state park signs indicating where to turn.

Know Before You Go to Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

  • Parking Pass: Peshastin Pinnacles State Park requires a Washington Discover Pass. You can buy a pass beforehand or fill out a parking slip at the parking lot. It's $10 for the day or $30 for the year.

  • Pets: Dogs are allowed at the park.

  • Camping: There is no camping in Peshastin Pinnacles State Park. Visitors often travel to Lake Wenatchee State Park and the Nasson Campground instead. You might also choose to stay at Wenatchee Confluence State Park or Lincoln Rock State Park to the east.

  • Bikes: Bikes are not allowed in the park

Facilities at Pestastin Pinnacles State Park

  • Two CXT vault toilets

  • Around 1.5 miles of hiking trails

  • Traditional and sport climbing routes

  • Well-maintained gravel parking lot

  • No potable water supply in the park

  • Picnic tables

Take a look at the state park brochure and Pestastin Pinnacles State Park map.

View from the higher pinnacles
View from the higher pinnacles

Directions to Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

If you're headed toward Wenatchee, the Pinnacles will be on your left, and if you're going up Highway 2 towards Leavenworth, they'll be on your right. The entrance road weaves briefly between orchards before taking a sharp right turn onto a gravel road and into the parking lot.

Peshastin Pinnacles State Park Parking

Parking is at the end of the gravel road. There are more than enough spaces for even peak weather days. The fee box is located nearby!

Views of the bathrooms, fee box, and entrance to Peshastin Pinnacles.

Peshatin Pinnacles State Park Weather

On average, temperates in the summer reach highs in the high 80s to low 90s and lows in the 50s. In the winter, it can be as cold as 20° and as warm as 45°.

Best Time to Visit Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

The best time to visit Pesahstin Pinnacles State Park is in the spring or fall.

Because the area offers no tree coverage, it bakes in the summer sun for most of the season. Do yourself a favor and either visit in another season or come early in the morning/late in the evening to avoid the worst of the heat.

What to Do at the Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

Peshastin Pinnacles is a smaller state park, but there's still a lot to do! Some of the activities include:

  • 200-foot rock climbing on pillars

  • Birdwatching

  • Hiking

  • Wildlife viewing

  • Scrambling

Flowers in Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

Peshastin Pinnacles State Park Trail

The park doesn't have a huge number of trails but it does have a gorgeous, fairly steep hike that takes visitors up to the top of the park and then around the other side (or back down if you want).

Peshastin Pinnacles Loop Trail

A beautiful hike up to the top of the Peshastin Pinnacles with views across the Wenatchee River Valley and into the surrounding mountains. It's a dirt trail that is eroded in spots and offers detours up into the rocks themselves.


Elevation Gain

​Time Required


1 mile

​400 feet

45 mins


Many visitors climb on top of the easy-to-access pinnacles to get the best possible view of the expansive valley below. It's also possible to hike up to the state park boundary above the park, but make sure to stay off of private land! There are clear signs indicating where the park ends and farmland begins.

Trail to the Peshastin Pinnacles
A view of the switching-backing trail to the top of the Peshastin Pinnacles

It's rocky and sandy and may not be great for young kids. Parts of the trail are in better shape than others. You can see the trail switchbacking in the photo above. The photo was taken on top of one of the pinnacles.

Peshastin Pinnacles State Park Climbing

If you've ever been to Peshastin Pinnacles, you've likely seen climbers tip-toeing their way up the sandstone slabs all over this hillside park. There's a long history of climbing in Peshastin Pinnacles State Park. Climbers have been visiting the park since the 1960s, as well as in the area more generally. There are famous routes and mountains that extend far into the Enchantments, Icicle Canyon, and more.

Climbing at Peshastin Pinnacles
A climber on "The Tunnel" at Orchard Rock - 5.6 Trad

At the Peshastin Pinnacles, you'll have a range of routes to choose from. The crag is separated into 11 areas with the highest accumulation of routes in the Upper Martian Slab. Other areas include:

  • Austrian Slab

  • Dinosaur Tower

  • Grand Central Tower

In total, there are 46 climbs in the state park, with about an even spread between sport and trad routes. Some of the classics include:

  • "The Tunnel" at Orchard Rock - 5.6 Trad

  • "Austrian Slab" at Austrian Slab - 5.8 Trad

  • "Potholes" at Dinosaur Tower - 5.8 Trad (2 pitches)

  • "Lightning Crack" at Southwest Side - 5.9 Trad

The routes range in grade from a deceptive 5.5 all the way to 5.11b. But, keep in mind, this is an old school area on often-dirty sandstone. The crag sits directly in the sun for most of the day as well.

If you scan the routes on Mountain Project you'll immediately see a higher-than-average number of routes (for such a small area) with R and X danger ratings. (This includes the trad route "Sperm Whale" on the Upper Martian Slab, which is rated 11a X.)


Are dogs allowed at Peshastin Pinnacles State Park?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Peshastin Pinnacles State Park, but they have to stay on a leash.

Where is Peshastin Pinnacles State Park?

Peshastin Pinnacles State Park is in Cashmere, Washington, close to Highway 2 between Leavenworth and Wenatchee.

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