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Bridal Veil Falls Hike | Index, Washington

The impressive Bridal Veil Falls is a 1,291-foot waterfall along the South Fork of the Skykomish River.

Bridal Veil Falls is a stunning tiered waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees. The water cascades down the cliff in multiple sections, resembling a bride's veil, hence its name.

The falls are fed by snowmelt and runoff from the surrounding mountains, making it especially beautiful during the spring and early summer.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls: At a Glance

  • Location: 47.78950°N 121.56924°W, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

  • Nearest City: Index, Washington

  • Height: 1,291'

  • Elevation:

  • Hike Length: 4.2 miles

Hiking to Bridal Veil Falls

The hike to Bridal Veil Falls is 4.2 miles and gains about 1,000 feet of elevation. It's an out-and-back trail, meaning that you're going to have to turn around and head back along the same trail to get back to the car.

Bridal Veil Falls is renowned for its scenic beauty. As you hike along the trail, you'll be surrounded by old-growth forests, moss-covered rocks, and the sounds of rushing water. The waterfall itself is a sight to behold, with its graceful cascade down the cliff face.

The trail is part of Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest and just off Highway 2, south of Index, Washington.

Bridal Veil Falls

It's a beautiful trail, and it isn't too hard. The climb is pretty gradual until you make it to the falls.

If you're worried about getting there, the road is a pretty well-maintained gravel road that has little to no wash boarding and no big potholes. There are also two pit toilets at the trailhead, limited parking, and some garbage cans (bear safe).

Another two miles along the trail is Lake Serene if you want to add to your day out.

Bridal Veil Falls provides ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts. The mist created by the waterfall often catches the sunlight, creating beautiful rainbows and magical lighting conditions. The lush surroundings and dramatic drops of the falls make for stunning compositions.

To Do Nearby

The Skykomish River area offers plenty of other outdoor activities and attractions. Close to Bridal Veil Falls, you can explore other hiking trails, such as Lake Serene and Wallace Falls State Park.

The town of Index itself has a charming small-town vibe and is known for its rock climbing opportunities on the nearby cliffs. If you're interested in rock climbing, the cliffs in Index are a popular destination.

Index View

The town is known for its excellent climbing routes, attracting climbers from near and far. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, you can find routes suitable for various skill levels.

The Skykomish River offers exciting whitewater rafting and kayaking experiences. Several outfitters in the area offer guided trips and equipment rentals. It's a great way to enjoy the river's rapids and scenic surroundings while getting an adrenaline rush.

Here are a few more nearby waterfalls that you might want to check out if you like Bridal Veil Falls:

Wallace Falls

Located in Wallace Falls State Park, this waterfall is a popular attraction near Gold Bar, Washington.

Wallace Falls
Wallace Falls

The falls consist of a series of cascades, with the lower falls being the most accessible. The park offers a well-maintained trail system that allows visitors to hike to different viewpoints of the falls.

Eagle Falls

Found along the South Fork Skykomish River, Eagle Falls is a beautiful waterfall located near Index, Washington. The falls plunge down a rocky cliff face, surrounded by lush greenery. They can be viewed from a roadside pullout along Highway 2.

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