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Blackbird Island - Leavenworth, Washington | Trail Guide

The Blackbird Island Trail in Leavenworth, Washington, is a short, scenic hike around an island in Leavenworth's Waterfront Park.

This easy-to-access hike is practically within downtown Leavenworth. While most people come to Leavenworth for shopping or the nearby outdoor adventures, there are smaller, much less intense hiking adventures to be had very close to the city. Keep reading to explore more about this great Leavenworth hike.

Blackbird Island, Leavenworth Washington

Where is Blackbird Island?

Blackbird Island is the name of an island in the Wenatchee River, just south of the main downtown area of Leavenworth, Washington. It's a few blocks from the strip of Bavarian shops and restaurants.

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Directions to Blackbird Island, Leavenworth

Use the map below to navigate to the Blackbird Island trail in Leavenworth:

Hiking the Blackbird Island Trail in Leavenworth

The Blackbird Island Trail is an easy, 2-mile loop. It usually takes under an hour to complete but you may want to spend a while longer admiring the views or picnicking.


Elevation Gain

Time Required


​2 miles

50 feet

1 hour


You can start your hike on the west or east end of the trail and make it a loop if you want, but most people walk the trail out and back. The west end of the trail starts in Enchantment Park, in a small parking area only a few feet from the river. There is also a bathroom at this end of the trail.

Leavenworth on the Wenatchee River
Leavenworth on the Wenatchee River

Alternatively, you could start in Waterfront Park on the other side of Blackbird Island and just behind the Cascade Medical Center. Either way, you'll have great views of the surrounding mountains.

Leavenworth Waterfront Park Sign
Leavenworth Waterfront Park Sign

There are multiple trails that branch off from both starting points. But, all of them lead generally in the same direction. If you're starting at Enchantment Park, take the trail left or right from the parking lot. Going right will make your walk slightly longer and take you on a loop of Enchantment Park. Going left is a more direct approach.

In the park, you'll find a variety of information signs about the area to enjoy while you want.

You'll follow the trail until you get to a bridge, cross it, and you're on Blackbird Island. There is a path that cuts straight through the island, but we recommend going right or left and seeing the small island in its entirety.

Crossing the Wenatchee River
Crossing the Wenatchee River back into Leavenworth

On the other side of the island is another bridge that takes you into the main part of Waterfront Park. There, you can decide to turn around or explore this part of the park a bit longer.

If you want to make the walk a loop, head back into town and onto Commercial Street. Follow Commercial on the north side of the river until you find Enchant Park Way. Here, take a left, and you'll find yourself back at the first parking lot.

Nearby Leavenworth Hikes

If you want to explore the Leavenworth area some more, here are a couple of recommendations of nearby hikes:

  • Distance from Leavenworth: 5 minutes

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Icicle Ridge View
Icicle Ridge View

The Icicle Ridge Trail is a 5-mile hike up to the ridgeline. Once you trudge up never-ending switchbacks you'll find yourself with a panoramic view of Leavenworth and the Wenatchee River Valley.

  • Distance from Leavenworth: 40 minutes

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Lake Valhalla
Lake Valhalla

This slightly easier trail leads to one of the most popular small lakes near Leavenworth, Lake Valhalla. It rests beneath the beautiful Mount McCausland and Lichtenberg Mountain.

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