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Baker Hot Springs in Washington

The gorgeous Baker Hot Springs are in the Mount Baker area of the North Cascades. They're accessed via a short trail that leads to the popular springs. The area is an incredible escape from the nearby large towns and cities in this part of Washington state. If you're looking for a relaxing day trip or even a multiday excursion, Baker Hot Springs should be considered!

We highly recommend visiting the hot springs on a weekday when they won't be nearly as busy as on the weekend. Because the springs are small, just a few people can feel like a real crowd.

Baker Hot Springs

Getting to Baker Hot Springs

Baker Hot Springs is located in northern Washington in the Mount Baker area of the North Cascades. It's about 35 minutes from Bellingham, Washington, about 2 hours 10 minutes from Seattle, and just over 6 hours from Spokane.

The hot springs are not run by a large lodge or spa, meaning that to find the springs, you have to be willing to hike into the woods, about 0.5 miles out and back. The hike is quite simple, so don't worry! Unlike a destination like Gamma Hot Springs, you won't have to worry about serious navigational issues.

When you get to the Baker Hot Springs Trailhead, you'll see a path marked with a large, spray-painted rock that says 'Hot Springs.' Follow the direction indicated and hike about 0.5 miles into the woods. You'll come upon the springs in a small clearing. There are logs on one bank and some small stacks of rocks from previous visitors.

Hot spring bubbling

Baker Hot Springs Map

Use the map below to navigate to Baker Hot Springs:

Why Visit Baker Hot Springs?

Baker Hot Springs is an ideal Washington vacation because it combines everything great about this area of Washington. you'll be close to some of the best trails in the state, far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life to feel isolated, but not too far away to feel as though accessing supplies is a big deal.

What to Expect at Baker Hot Springs?

The springs are what is known as "primitive." This means that there are no facilities. There is no bathroom, no showers, no true benches, and only two central pools that people visit. The spring is surrounded by rocks and dirt, so you should be prepared with your own towels and any supplies you might want to have at the spring.

Clear, bubbling hot spring water

The hot spring is not accessible via a paved road. This means that in the dead of winter, the road may be snowed out. Make sure to check road conditions before you drive to the spring, just in case it's still closed for winter. Also, it's good to know that:

  • Clothing is optional.

  • The hot spring is free.

  • There are two pools.

  • It's open year-round, if the road is passable.

  • It is pet-friendly (but dogs must be leashed).

  • The trailhead is: Baker Hot Springs #617.

  • The water temperature is around 100 degrees F or 37.75 degrees C.

  • If you want to hike in, you'll be faced with an additional four miles of hiking.

  • The road can be very rough.

The first, bigger pool can hold about 10 people (but that's going to feel quite crowded), and the second pool is quite small and only suited to two or three people.

Nearby Attractions

If you're visiting the Baker Hot Springs, you might want to check out these nearby attractions:

Rainbow Falls Viewpoint - the nearby Rainbow Falls is one of the most stunning waterfall destinations in this part of Washington state. It's a not-to-be-missed, fast stop-off if you're traveling through the area and a perfect addition to a trip to Baker Hot Springs. Plus, it's about 10 minutes from the trailhead.

Baker Lake - the incredibly popular Baker Lake is located just up the road from Baker Hot Springs. It's one of the most popular lakes in the state and boasts incredible views of the hills around the Mount Baker area. If you're lucky, you might even get a view of Mount Shuksan while you're there.

Baker Lake and Mount Shuksan
Baker Lake and Mount Shuksan in the distance

Lake Shannon - just south of Baker Lake is Lake Shannon. It's not nearly as popular as its northern neighbor but is almost as beautiful. Check out the Lake Shannon Recreational Area for everything you need to know.

Camping Near Baker Hot Springs

Nearby camping destinations are numerous due to the hot springs' proximity to Baker Lake. They include the following campgrounds:

  • Swift Creek - right on the banks of Baker Lake. Baker Lake Rd, Concrete, WA 98237

  • Park Creek - Concrete, WA 98237

  • Panorama Point - on the banks of Baker Lake. Baker Lake Rd, Concrete, WA 98237

  • Boulder Creek - Baker Lake Rd, Concrete, WA 98237

  • Shannon Creek - Baker Lake Rd, Concrete, WA 98237

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