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12 Spring Hikes in Washington State to Get You Outside

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and explore nature. With the days getting longer and warmer, why not take advantage of the change in season and hit the trails?

Washington State is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes, with hundreds of miles of trails to explore. We have some of the best recommendations for spring hikes in Washington, whether you're looking for a short day hike or a multi-day adventure. The state often gets a bad rap (along with Oregon!) for the long winters. But there are plenty of activities to enjoy year-round, particularly when the weather starts warming up.

From snow-capped peaks to lush green valleys, you’re sure to find something that sparks your curiosity.

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Location: Near North Bend

Length: 5.3 miles (Rattlesnake Ledge) or 1.4 miles

Difficulty: Moderate (Rattlesnake Ledge) or Easy (Rattlesnake Lake)

Rattlesnake Lake from Rattlesnake Ledge
Rattlesnake Lake as seen from Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge & Rattlesnake Lake is an amazing combination of trails that offer some of the best springtime hiking experiences in Washington State. Located just 25 miles outside of Seattle, this beautiful area features a stunning lake and views of the surrounding mountains.

The Rattlesnake Lake Trail is a moderate 1.4-mile loop that winds through lush forests and dramatic cliff faces before opening up to spectacular views of the lake and the distant Cascade Range. The trail also has plenty of room for adventurers to explore and enjoy the wildflowers in bloom.

On the other hand, Rattlesnake Ledge is a more challenging 5.3-mile out-and-back hike that takes you to the summit of a 1,200-foot ridge with incredible views of the surrounding valley. This hike can be steep and rocky at times, but the rewards are worth it! We would highly recommend not doing this hike in winter. Make sure that the trail is safe before proceeding. The rocky edges can become frozen in winter and be incredibly dangerous.

There is also a lot of camping near Rattlesnake Lake you can check out!

Mount Storm King

Location: Near Port Angeles

Length: 4.1 miles

Difficulty: Hard

Mount Storm King
The majestic Mount Storm King

Mount Storm King is an awe-inspiring hike in the Washington State Olympic National Park. With breathtaking views of Lake Crescent and a wonderful view of Mount Olympus, this trail is an absolute must-do for anyone looking to get out and explore the beauty of the state.

The hike begins at the Storm King Ranger Station, and the entire route is around 5 miles long. It starts out fairly easy with a gentle climb along a wide path, but as you ascend, the trail gets more challenging. The final stretch of the hike takes you over rock-strewn terrain and a few steep switchbacks.

The views from the top are absolutely incredible. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Puget Sound. To the west, you’ll be able to admire the stunning Mount Olympus. You’ll also be able to spot many of the smaller lakes and rivers that surround Lake Crescent.

Spring is a great time to take this hike. The wildflowers will be in full bloom, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery before summer temperatures start to rise.

Lake 22

Location: Near Granite Falls

Length: 6.8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Lake 22
The very popular and oddly named Lake 22

Located in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Lake 22 is a perfect spring hike for nature lovers. The trailhead is located along the Mountain Loop Highway, making it easy to access from Seattle. The 6.8-mile round-trip trek is quite moderate, allowing hikers to take in gorgeous views of alpine meadows and lakes along the way.

The trail climbs steadily through lush forests of western hemlock and Douglas fir trees until you reach the upper meadow at Lake 22. This tranquil spot is an ideal picnic location and is surrounded by majestic peaks and old-growth forests. You can also find wildflowers and wildlife in this area. For those looking for an easier hike, there are a few turn-off points along the way, making the hike customizable to your fitness level.

Ancient Lakes

Location: Near Quincy

Length: 2-4.6 miles

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Ancient Lakes
A view of one of the many lakes in the area.

Located in the Columbia Plateau region of Washington State, Ancient Lakes is a popular hiking destination due to its incredible beauty and numerous trails. A great starting point is the Ancient Lakes Trailhead, located at the south end of the Wenatchee River. This trail winds through fields of sagebrush and skirts along the banks of the mighty Columbia River. The area features a number of lakes, including Cave Lake, Little Bridge Lake, and Ancient Lake.

The Ancient Lakes Trail is perfect for families and those looking for a scenic walk. The trail meanders alongside the various lakes, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Wildlife, such as bald eagles, deer, and coyotes, can be spotted in the area. Along the way, hikers will come across ancient petroglyphs carved by Native Americans into boulders that are still visible today.

Hikers can take a break and explore the various nearby attractions. One popular spot is Deep Creek Falls, which offers an impressive view of the rushing river below. Another great spot to stop is at the summit of Basalt Rock, where you can get a 360-degree view of the Columbia Plateau.

Make sure to check out the camping options near Ancient Lakes too.

Location: Near Leavenworth

Length: 5.1 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Icicle River Bridge
One of a few small bridges that crosses Icicle River

For those looking for an easy yet rewarding hike, the Icicle Gorge Trail near Leavenworth in Washington State is a perfect choice. This 3.4-mile round-trip trail takes hikers along the gentle Icicle River with views of mountains along the way.

Hikers can follow the trail north along Icicle Creek before turning right at the junction with Icicle Gorge Trail. From here, hikers can easily traverse the gravel pathway leading along the river.

Along the way, you will find plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting. Keep your eyes peeled for birds, squirrels, and deer that inhabit the area. This is a pretty easy trail that most hikers will have a fun time exploring.

Hole in the Wall at Rialto Beach

Location: Near Forks

Length: 3.3 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Rialto Beach
An amazing sea stack on Rialto Beach

This stunning trail offers some of the most breathtaking views in Washington. Located in Olympic National Park, Rialto Beach is a picturesque spot to take in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The Hole in the Wall trail, located here, is a short 3.3-mile round trip and is great for all skill levels. Along the way, visitors will have the chance to explore tide pools, see the rugged coastline, and check out the sea stacks scattered along the beach.

This trail is perfect for those looking for a relaxing stroll, with plenty of opportunities to take in nature's beauty. This is a very popular short trail, so be prepared to get there early or fight the groups, even in spring!

Teneriffe Falls (Kamikaze Falls)

Location: Near North Bend

Length: 5.4 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Teneriffe Falls is a pretty easy and rewarding hike located in the foothills of the Cascade Range in Washington State. The trail is just over 5 miles and takes you through lush forests and across a large open meadow. At the end of the hike, you’ll find yourself standing in front of a beautiful cascade of water.

Teneriffe Falls plunges over 226 feet down into a rocky pool that is perfect for swimming or enjoying a picnic lunch. The surrounding landscape is peaceful and calming, and it’s hard to believe that you’re so close to the city.

Little Si

Location: North Bend

Length: 4.4 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Mount Si
Mount Si one of the best springtime hikes in Washington.

If you're already near North Bend to hike Rattlesnake Ledge or Rattlesnake Lake, you might as well head into town to complete the famous Little Si trail, one of the best springtime hikes in Washington. Little Si is a great hiking trail for all levels of hikers. The 4.4-mile round-trip trail offers stunning views of the Cascade Mountains. Plus, the mountain itself is unmissable. It's a stunning natural landmark easily recognizable when you drive into North Bend.

It’s an out-and-back trail that has an elevation gain of 1,800 feet. The trailhead is located at the parking lot of the Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area.

The hike itself is well-marked with logs and small steps that help keep hikers on the correct path. Along the way, hikers can expect to find large boulders, streams and rivers, and wildlife such as birds and deer.

Dog Mountain

Location: Columbia River Gorge

Length: 6.5 miles

Difficulty: Hard

The Columbia River Gorge
Dog Mountain is almost visible in this image of the Columbia River Gorge

Dog Mountain is a beautiful spring hiking trail located in the Columbia River Gorge near Stevenson, Washington. It features a stunning view of the Columbia River and the Cascade Mountains. The 6.5-mile round-trip trail is steep and can be strenuous at times, but it offers an incredible reward at the summit with stunning panoramic views. There are wildflower fields, meadows, and forests along the way, so it’s definitely worth it.

Make sure to bring plenty of water, as the hike can be challenging, and there is no shade on the route. You can also enjoy the hike in the winter!

Location: Near Verlot

Length: 5.4 miles

Difficulty: Hard

The Mount Pilchuck Fire Lookout
The Mount Pilchuck Fire Lookout

For those who are looking for an epic adventure, Mount Pilchuck offers a unique and rewarding experience. This hike takes you through the beautiful forests of the Cascade Mountains, eventually reaching the summit and the incredible fire lookout at the top. The views from the lookout are unparalleled and make the 5-mile hike well worth it.

In the springtime, the mountain is alive with wildflowers and lush greenery, making it an especially enjoyable experience. For anyone looking to explore the beauty of Washington State in the spring, Mount Pilchuck should be at the top of the list.

Location: South fork of the Snoqualmie River

Length: 2 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Franklin Falls
Franklin Falls is one of the most popular spring hikes in Washington.

For a stunning spring hike, look no further than Franklin Falls. Located near Snoqualmie Pass, this easy trail is a popular destination for hikers in Washington State. It is known for its picturesque waterfall that cascades down into a small pool at the bottom. The total elevation gain of this trail is only around 300 feet, making it suitable for hikers of all skill levels.

As you make your way up the trail, you will be surrounded by lush greenery and wildflowers. In springtime, the trail is even more vibrant with the fresh foliage that has begun to sprout.

Bowl and Pitcher Loop Trail

Location: Near Spokane

Length: 2 miles

Difficulty: Easy


Located near Spokane, Washington, the Bowl and Pitcher Loop Trail is a popular spring hiking destination in the state. The 2-mile loop trail takes you along the banks of the Spokane River as you pass by massive basalt formations, which have been eroded into intriguing shapes over time. It’s also one of the few trails in the area that allows dogs on leashes.

As you traverse the trail, keep an eye out for wildlife, including deer, beavers, ospreys, and bald eagles. You’ll be sure to enjoy the scenery of the deep canyon carved out by the river, as well as the lush vegetation and impressive cliffs.

Near the end of the trail, you’ll find yourself at the Bowl and Pitcher Overlook, where you can take in panoramic views of the surrounding area.

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